Rethink your mixed grills: sides that are out of the ordinary

When summer’s in full swing and as hot as the sun is bright, barbecuing is the perfect solution for making meals. Why? Because you cook outside and can enjoy the nice weather, it doesn’t heat up the whole house and the food tastes incredible.

Do you have a tendency of making always the same sides for your mixed grill? A green salad, corn on the cob, grilled asparagus, rice… These are classics that just need a little refresh. Arctic Gardens proposes 8 recipes that are a new kind of side for your mixed grills. Break out the patio set – we’re eating outside tonight!

How to make your mixed grills delish!

The secret to making delicious mixed grills? The marinade! It makes all the difference: It adds depth to the taste of the meat, poultry, fish and seafood, as well as keeps it moist during cooking.

Furthermore, the Canadian Cancer Society advises us to allow meat to rest in marinades containing acidic agents like lemon juice or vinegar. This can reduce cancer-causing substances by 80%, states Richard Béliveau, who holds a doctorate in biochemistry.

Marinating your food is the wise choice for your health – and it’s exquisite!

Here are 4 delicious marinade recipes that are easy to whip up.

Rethink your side dish recipes

Arctic Gardens puts itself up against traditional sides with its own veggie and side dish recipes for mixed grills. We dare you to replace your classics with these!

Veggie sides

Steamed, grilled or stir-fried veggies are absolutely delish. Our secret for flavourful vegetables on the barbecue? Cook them en papillote!

Nothing should stop you from enhancing your sides from time to time! Here are two recipes that will reinvent your sweet peas and beans!

Sweet peas vs edamame
Peas vs edamemes

Have you ever considered serving edamame as a side? Swap sweet peas for edamame and bring a touch of originality to your plates! We don’t have just one, but four edamame recipes for you: spicy edamame, lime edamame, ginger and soya edamame, and sesame edamame. There’s one for every taste!

Steamed beans vs lemony skillet green beans

Beans vs lemony skillet green beans
Steamed green beans are sometimes boring when compared with the savoury mixed grills that they’re served with. Our lemony skillet green beans are the perfect solution that will seduce you with their freshness. They go really well with fish or seafood grilled on the barbecue.

Side salads

Here are six salad recipes that you absolutely have to try this summer! For other light and refreshing recipes, go to the salad section of our website for  inspiration.

Coleslaw vs pickled veggies
Coleslaw vs pickled veggies

With roast chicken, coleslaw is a classic, but who says that classics can’t be reinvented? Our pickled Creole vegetables recipe will get you out of your rut. It’s reminiscent of your coleslaw, but the little touches of turmeric and ginger that will surprise you!

Steamed broccoli vs creamy broccoli salad

Brocoli vs creamy brocoli salad
Did you say you serve steamed broccoli with your chicken skewers? Do you find this a tad drab? A creamy broccoli salad will get catch your attention! This warm side salad also goes well with pork, chicken and fish.

Corn on the cob vs cherry tomato salad

Corn vs corn and cherry tomatoes salad
When corn season finally arrives, you only have one thing on your mind – crunching on corn on the cob! It’s sweet, juicy and delicious with a pat of butter. But after a while, you need something new! We suggest our corn and cherry tomato salad which is the perfect accompaniment to seafood or fish.

Green salad vs warm potato salad with grilled lettuce

Greean salad vs warm potato salad with grilled lettuce
Are you bored of your little green salad? For a side that’s a little out of the ordinary, grill your lettuce like for our warm potato salad with grilled lettuce salad recipe! The veggies in this dish are cooked en papillote on the grill. To learn more about cooking veggies on the barbecue, consult our “Barbecue veggie rescue!” article.

Rice vs Asian vegetables and rice salad

Rice vs Asian vegetables and rice salad
Rice as a side is good, but an Asian vegetables and rice salad is even better! Use veggies and dried fruit to add colour to your rice. This salad will enhance a piece of meat that’s been marinated in a slightly sweet sauce just beautifully.

Grilled asparagus vs asparagus and mango salsa

Asparagus vs aparagus and mango salsa
Why grill asparagus when you can make a bright asparagus and mango salsa? You’ll find this chilled salad refreshing on a hot July evening!

So will you swap out your classics for these tempting, out-of-the-ordinary recipes?

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