Cooking for one personne

Disconering the pleasure of cooking for one

Discovering the pleasure of cooking for one

Did you know that the percentage of Canadians who live alone increases about 1% every year? Canadians seem to appreciate the freedom and independence that comes with being single. But who lives alone, eats alone. Cooking and eating by yourself can seem like a negative for many, so this special article on being single will convince them otherwise! Discover the benefits of cooking for one, some great meal ideas and recipes for one person.

The benefits of cooking for one

Cooking for one person can be really liberating and has many benefits. Take advantage and eat for the pleasure of it. A meal by yourself is just as important as a meal with family or friends, so spoil yourself!

The freedom to try

Cooking for one is also about trying new things. Lose yourself in preparing exotic recipes or challenge yourself with long-avoided tests (like going 21 days without meat). As well, you can perfect your recipes the minute you start cooking meals for yourself and this way, impress your friends when you have a group dinner!

One dish that we love

The biggest benefit of eating alone is that you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. No need to deny yourself your favourite food just because your partner isn’t crazy about them. You can put anything you want on your plate anytime without ever having to compromise!

Zero pressure

Your dish didn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted? No big deal because there’s nobody to rub it in! When you cook for one, you don’t get performance anxiety like when you cook for others.

Cooking is a great way to decompress and let go of the day’s stress. Pick a recipe you love, turn on the tunes and have fun in the kitchen!

Our meal ideas for one

You have two choices for meals: make big batches and store the rest for later or make one serving to enjoy the same day.

Recipe books and cooking blogs are bursting with mouth-watering dishes, but most of the time, make at least four servings. It’s possible to divide recipes to get only one portion, but that can be a hassle if you don’t know how to adjust the quantities properly. So here are a few quick, easy and delicious recipes that are perfect for one person!

Pancakes for one

Pancakes are a must on weekends, but the recipes found in cookbooks make a lot. But what’s the solution do you do if you don’t want leftover pancake batter in the fridge or don’t want to eat pancakes every day for the rest of the week? Our pancake recipe for one!

¼ c flour

¼ milk

1 egg

1 tbsp vanilla

pinch of salt

Top your pancake with your favourite fruit, brown sugar, maple syrup, chocolate or caramel spread… in short, whatever you want!

Naan, versatile and practical

Le pain naan, versatile et pratique Naan lets you get as creative as your imagination. Can’t find the perfect one-person pizza size? Use naan as the dough and top with tomato sauce, healthy veggies and grated cheese. Just pop it in the oven and supper’s ready in less than 30 minutes!

Quick and Easy Naan Pizza

Naan Pizza with Salami and buffalo Mozzarella

Butter Chicken Pizza

Caramelized Onion and Bacon Pizza

Quick Pizza on Naan

You can also transform naan into sandwiches, famous avocado toast or homemade chips to be devoured with your favourite dips.

Psst! Here’s our anti-waste tip: Buy naan in packages of 10 or 12 and freeze them. Just take them out one at a time as you need and they’ll last longer, too!

Sandwiches – far from boring

A sandwich is the perfect meal for one person because it’s exactly one serving. No waste!

From wraps to paninis, it’s easy to reinvent sandwiches! Whether it’s the bread, condiments or toppings, there are a thousand and one ways to change them up.

Here are a few recipes that promise to fill up your plate:

Dark and Stormy Grilled Cheese

Gluten Free Vegan Tofu Sandwich

Rosten Red Pepper Hummus Sandwich

Super Easy Tuna Wrap

Vegan Tofu Sandwich

Grilles Peanut Butter, Jelly and Banana Sandwich for breakfast

Mediterranean panini

Instant homemade soup

Although practical, instant soups have a bad rep: they’re high in sodium, have trans fats and provide little nutritional value. The solution? Make your own instant homemade soup using only noodles and none of the seasoning that come with store-bought ones!

It’s easy: heat your choice of stock, throw in some veggies (frozen vegetables are perfect for this kind of soup because they cook quickly), add aromatics like garlic or ginger and instant noodles. Cook for about 5 minutes, serve and enhance with any fresh herb, leftover meat or legumes for a complete meal. This is what simple comfort food is all about!

Here are a few recipes for inspiration:

Oriental soup bowl

Edamame, bock choy, bean sprout soup

Chinese soup meals

Miso Veggie soup in a Jar

Thai red lentil soup

Salad as a complete, hassle-free meal

Salads often find their place at mealtime, but as sides. Did you know you can transform them easily into complete meals? Just add a source of animal or vegetable protein like tofu or legumes and voilà! Prepare salads directly in the serving bowl for one portion.

Let our recipes inspire you:

Extra fine green bean and lentil salad

Asian Salad

Dragon Bowl recipes

Sushi Bowl

Salads in a Jar

Spinach, Blueberry, and Blue Cheese Salad

Niçoise-Style Salad

Rainbow Lentil Salad

Layered Tuna Salad

Quinoa salad with vegetables and feta

If you love quinoa or couscous salads, always keep a portion of quinoa or couscous precooked in the fridge, ready to be used.

Omelettes – not just for breakfast

Les omelettes, pas qu'au déjeuner You love omelettes at breakfast, so why not enjoy them at lunch or dinner? Eggs have many essential nutrients for a healthy diet which makes them the perfect ingredient for your dishes. By adding veggies, meat and cheese with a side of golden hash browns or sautéed vegetables, you get a quick and easy, delicious and satisfying meal for one person!

Here are a few recipes that will pique your curiosity:

Western omelette

Summer vegetable omelette

Asian omelette with tomato and maple chili sauce

Asparagus and egg muffins

Colourful Scrambled Omelette

Waffle Iron Omelettes

Bacon Cheddar Omelette

Spicy Chicken Omelette

Shrimp and Feta Omelette

Shallot and Gruyère Omelette

Dessert for one

Dessert pour une personne Have you heard of the latest dessert in a mug trend? A few years ago, mug cakes took over cooking blogs! They are quick and easy to prepare because all the ingredients are mixed together in the same mug and cooked in the microwave for barely a minute. As these desserts are designed to yield one serving, they’re perfect to enjoy alone!

Treat yourself to one of these recipes:

Brownie in a Mug

Lemon-Strawberry Mug Cake

Cinamon Roll Mug Cake

Chocolate Cake Hug in a Mug

Chocolate and peanut butter microwave mug cake

Strawberry Shortcake in a Mug

Chocolate Peppermint Mug Cake

Matcha green tea & White chocolate mug cake

Bon appétit!

Planning meals for one person

Planification des repas en célibataire

You have two choices when you’re planning meals for one: make individual servings or prepare big batches for the freezer that will come in handy later. The latter option is practical because you’ll always have ready-to-eat meals at your fingertips. If you decide to go the big batch route, why not get together with your single friends and cook in a group? It’s economical and practical, but fun, too! But this option increases the likelihood of food waste as you can forget you’ve got them in the freezer later on. Read our article about “A sensible kitchen to control waste!” to learn more about minimizing waste.

When you’re single, you often forget that first and foremost, it’s a pleasure and not a necessity. Set aside one day a week to eat a meal you really enjoy, but that you wouldn’t normally dare to enjoy alone: sushi, a tartar, Chinese fondue, etc. Make this evening a moment just for you. Why not set the table with a pretty tablecloth and candles? It’s definitely a time to relax!

Before going to the grocery store, think about what you’d like to eat during the week and make your grocery list accordingly. Planning meals allows you to save time and money, as well as not having to ask yourself, What should I make for supper tonight? Solve the lunch question while you’re making dinner by planning an extra serving that you’ll have for lunch the next day.

Living and eating by yourself has a far less negative connotation than they did a few years ago. Now being single evokes freedom and independence. Take advantage of this so you can treat yourself and relax. So, what do you say to an evening by yourself now?

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