We grow here

Arctic Gardens grows vegetables in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta close  to its eight plants located in the following towns:


Better farming for the planet

We have a long history of helping growers become experts in agriculture by combining farming practices that respect the environment.

Our supply model, which also encourages partnerships with local farmers near our processing sites, ensures maximum freshness of our products – a key factor to our success.

Actions taken

Promoting plant cover between the various vegetable crop cycles to naturally enrich the soil, improve soil structure and biodiversity.

Conducting agronomic field trials to test new insights and technologies, and helping to integrate them in growers’ farming methods.

Building external partnerships with research institutes and startups focusing on vegetable production innovation that contributes to regenerative agriculture

such as robotic weeding, crop prediction (quantity and quality) and irrigation management.

Better factories for the planet

The sustainable usage of water, the responsible management of our waste and environmental compliance are the pillars of the environmental strategy for our plants.

Projects implemented

Implementing an environmental management system to structure our industrial environmental strategy.

Measuring our environmental impacts: conducting an organizational life cycle assessment (LCA).

Water recycling project at the Oakfield plant: more than a third of the water consumed at the factory is reused in after treatment processes.

Focus on our growers

What makes a successful farmer?

A focus on our Arctic Gardens farmers

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