Our favourite top 10 spring recipes!

The change of season between the snow and the cold of the winter and the green grass and the sun of the spring

March 20. This date has been marked on your calendar for several weeks, even months now. In March when the beautiful white and sticky snow transforms itself into mud on the street, you start dreaming of the first day of spring. That’s why today we’re sharing our top 10 spring recipes to help you cope just a little longer. Tested and approved, they’ll make you drool and beg for more. Surrender yourself and your taste buds will be totally tantalized!

1. Sweet corn smoothie

Sweet corn smoothie

Preparation time: 25 min.

Number of ingredients: 4

Ideal for: Breakfast

This smoothie is an excellent way to start your day on the right foot! Give your significant other and your kids a pleasant surprise by serving them this sweet spring nectar when they wake up. Simple and quick to prepare, the notes of corn on the cob will bring freshness to the beautiful sunny day that awaits you!

2. Ginger and soya edamame

Ginger and soya Edamame

Preparation time: 15 min.

Number of ingredients: 6

Ideal for: Afternoon snack

Spring is the ideal time to do a big cleanup. And whoever says cleanup also says feed the troupes. Serve this one-of-a-kind, bite-sized snack that takes only 10 minutes to prepare max and that will disappear just about as quickly!

3. Chicken and mango California stir-fry

Chicken and mango california Stir fry

Preparation time: 30 min.

Number of ingredients: 6

Ideal for: Family dinner

If they’ve been neglected a bit over the winter, now’s the time to reignite your love affair with fruit. The sauce in this stir-fry has the aroma of orange, honey, mango and white wine that will please your palate. It’s perfect to get you out of comfort food mode.

4. Corn and cherry tomato salad

Corn and cherry tomato salad

Preparation time: 17 min.

Number of ingredients: 8

Ideal for: Festive lunch

The combination of the vibrant colours created by mixing sweet corn, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and red onions together will make your mouth water. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the vinaigrette’s bold flavours that are both sweet and spicy.

5. Creamy broccoli salad

Creamy broccoli salad

Preparation time: 17 min.

Number of ingredients: 6

Ideal for: Side dish or lunch

This recipe just may boost your desire to prepare cold, yet reliable dishes. With dried cranberries, Greek yoghurt and chopped pecans, this salad is a marvelous side for meat dishes. It would also be an excellent lunch for work as it contains all the nutrients you need.

6. Veggie, salmon and hazelnut verrine

Veggie salmon hazelnut verrines

Preparation time: 35 min.

Number of ingredients: 9

Ideal for: Appetizer or brunch

You’ll probably be eager to have friends or family over because this recipe is perfect served as an appetizer or for brunch. The combination created by the smoked salmon and French shallots is complemented by the sauce’s lime/basil mixture. Don’t forget to make a little more than you need because your taste buds will be begging for more!

7. Green pea guacamole

Green pea guacamole

Preparation time: 25 min.

Number of ingredients: 5

Ideal for: Snack

Here’s an excellent, super quick snack that will satisfy your kids’ growling tummies on a typical spring weekend. Don’t bother trying to impress them with overly complex flavours. Besides being delicious, this guacamole is made almost entirely of peas and can be prepared in only 10-15 minutes.

8. Spanakopita


Preparation time: 65 min.

Number of ingredients: 9

Ideal for: Family lunch

If you dream about lazing on a Greek terrace by the sea because the spring weather isn’t quite warm enough for you, make a quick run to the grocery store and grab some phyllo pastry, a bag of Arctic Gardens spinach and a container of feta. Then whip up our simple and exotic spanakopita recipe and you’ll quickly find yourself under the Mediterranean sun.

9. California vegetable tabbouleh

California vegetable tabbouleh

Preparation time: 15 min.

Number of ingredients: 8

Ideal for: Lunch or light dinner

Synonymous with spring comfort, this dish will give you the burst of flavours with a slight spiciness that you’ve been looking for thanks to the tabasco and mint sugar. Only 15 minutes to make, it will allow you take advantage of the nice weather. And it also keeps well in the fridge as a small snack the next day or the day after that.

10. Sushi harikiverki

Sushis harikiverkis

Preparation time: 25 min.

Number of ingredients: 7

Ideal for: Appetizer

Finally, you can let yourself be tempted by our revamped sushi. From novice cook to seasoned pro, this is a true vegetarian delight that anyone can make. Serve them as an appetizer with a small sweet cocktail and you’ll impress your friends hands down. They’ll go wild for the hint of miso paste, lemon juice, sesame oil and sugar combination that dresses the beans perfectly!

Now you have original recipe ideas that are perfect for the season and with them, spring will really arrive! Which recipe will you try first and which is your favourite?

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