Arctic Gardens to the rescue: Fast and easy recipes just for students!

Arctic Gardens to the rescue : Fast and easy recipes just for students!

Being a student is often synonymous with getting your first apartment. You leave the family home to move to another city. You change your life and your habits. It’s a time of great responsibilities: doing the housework, respecting a budget, cooking your meals… all this while working and studying!

Three meals a day, seven days a week – that takes a lot of time which students have very little of, especially when the end of the semester approaches! But despite everything, you want to eat healthy and nutritious meals that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Arctic Gardens is bang on with its eleven new recipes created especially for students. They’re easy, delicious and nutritious and will fill your belly during long days of studying.

Take a break from the books to put on your apron and make a good, healthy meal. Your brain will thank you!

5 tips for students

For many, it’s the first time preparing a meal for themselves. Don’t worry, everything will go well if you follow our five practical tips for beginners in the kitchen!

1- Follow a recipe

At first, it’s not easy to improvise a recipe like our grandmothers did! That will come with time, so be patient. Instead find recipes that you like and follow them to a T. It’s practically impossible to ruin a meal if you follow it from A to Z.

 2- Adjust your expectations

Start with small quantities. At first, what you make won’t necessarily live up to your expectations which is normal! In that case, it’s better not to have too many leftovers, right? So take one step at a time and with experience, you can prepare large portions for the coming weeks.

3- Start simple

Don’t start with a big dish that requires lots of time, steps or ingredients! It’s really easy to find recipes that use only five ingredients. Start simple and focus on the products that can save you time like frozen vegetables, canned legumes, quick cooking rice, etc. And don’t forget about nutritional values.

4- Ask for advice

You want to make a good batch of your mom’s spaghetti sauce, but aren’t sure how look it should simmer for? Just ask her. Your parents will be really helpful when you’re learning to cook. After all, they experimented a lot and and know how to prepare your favourite meals!

5- Cook with friends

Create experiences with your friends who are also students. It’s more fun and you’ll learn how to get around the kitchen together. Make a ritual out of it: every month, prepare a chili, spaghetti sauce or muffins that you can split up afterwards. In the end, there are only benefits to cooking in a group!

New recipes from Arctic Gardens: student special

Big breakfasts to start the day on the right foot 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! We’re sure you’ve heard that a million times. To maximize concentration during class, try these three dishes:

Western Omelette – 2 minutes to prepare

Omelette Western

Our Western omelette is a meal in itself. Eggs give you protein and energy and veggies give you vitamins – a great way to start the day. As well, omelettes can be microwaved in a flash!

Coconut and asparagus muffins – 7 minutes to prepare


Eggs, asparagus and bacon in a muffin tin and snap! You’ve got yourself a complete breakfast. Did you know that these coconut muffins are practical, too? You can take them to your courses and eat them once you get to class because they’re great when you’re on-the-go. You’ll never be in a jam when hunger strikes and prevents you from concentrating!

Green smoothie – 10 minutes to prepare

Smoothie vert

No time for bacon and eggs? No problem! Fruits and veggies in the blender are the perfect solution for busy mornings. Our green smoothie is particularly delicious, as well as being nutritious and also practical when you’re on the go!

Snacks and appetizers for a growling stomach

Whether as a snack between meals or as a side to a main, these three recipes promise to satisfy your appetite and your tastebuds!

Sweet pea, cream cheese and smoked salmon spread – 10 minutes to prepare

Tartinade de petits pois au fromage à la crème et au saumon fumé

Meeting with friends and having a bite before going out together? Bring some sweet pea, cream cheese and smoked salmon spread with crackers. This tasty recipe will impress the heck out of them. And they don’t have to know how easy it is to make, so keep the secret to yourself!

Nachos – 10 minutes to prepare

Nachos garnis

Everyone loves nachos, especially when they’ve toppings like these! Make this recipe to party over spring break or celebrate the end of a long workday. You’ll cheer everybody up after exam week. After all, anytime is a good time to eat nachos, right?

Vegetable guacamole – 10 minutes to prepare

Guacamole aux légumes

Avocados are chocked full of vitamins and also contain good fat (non-saturated) which makes them a very good side dish. Our guacamole recipe is avocado-based with extra veggies that make it one of the most nutritious and tasty snacks!

Marvellous mains for weeknights

Feeling rushed and overloaded with studying? Our five recipes for main meals cook up in a flash.

Tuna, veggie and bacon pizza – 15 minutes to prepare

Pizza au thon et légumes

You can stop buying prepared pizzas now that you can make this easy and delicious pizza recipe yourself: our veggie pizza! Keep your brain alert with this healthy fast food that can be eaten alone or with friends.

Vegetable mac & cheese – 15 minutes to prepare

Mac & cheese aux légumes

KD out of a box is a classic student recipe, even though it’s not a very nourishing one. Forget the orange and blue box and try our recipe that has veggies you won’t even know are there – the best of both worlds!

Chicken and vegetables quesadillas – 15 minutes to prepare

Quasadilla au poulet et légumes

These quesadillas will make you forget your studies in an instant while transporting you to Mexico. Our recipe is so easy and delish that you’ll want to feed yourself only this during the next exam week.

Vegetable and sausage strata – 15 minutes to prepare

Strata aux légumes et saucisses

Traditionally, a strata is an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kinda dish. It uses up the veggies, meat and eggs that are leftover in the fridge with stale bread! Today, a strata can be described as an omelette supper. All the ingredients are put into one casserole which makes it super practical. Our veggie strata is nourishing, as well as excellent. You can even eat the leftovers for breakfast!

Vegetable sloppy joes – 15 minutes to prepare

Sloppy Joe aux légumes

Invite your friends and treat yourselves for all the hours of studying. It’s time to party! Prepare these delicious Sloppy Joes and enjoy them with a good thirst-quenching drink! There’s no better way to finish the week.

Now you’re equipped to cook like a chef. No more excuses for ignoring your diet with these easy-to-make, mouthwatering recipes. Which one do you want to try first? Arctic Gardens hopes you have a good semester and many delicious meals!

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