10 poutine recipes with vegetables!

As Canada Day approaches, the urge to try new versions of one of your favourite dishes – poutine – is getting stronger by the minute! Every year, the new recipes showing up in restaurants and recipe books are becoming more and more unusual. And it’s not often you find veggies in your poutine despite the fact that it’s a flavour combo you just have to try. With this in mind, we’ve decided to create a little poutine collection not with the hopes of making poutine healthy, but that will allow you to incorporate the veggies you love by suggesting unique recipes.

Add root vegetables

In the first recipe, you’ll add more than the classic ingredients of fries, cheese and gravy. Use your favourite root vegetables like carrots, parsnips and turnip because they’ll add to the simple, earthy taste of the potato. With a homemade gravy bursting with flavours, you’ll find yourself faced with a delicious garden poutine!

Try this sweet root vegetable poutine. (French only)

Source: pratico-pratiques.com

Adopt veggie fries

Why not use another veggie instead of potatoes for your fries? It’s simple and it’ll completely reimagine the taste of your poutine. It’s a healthy, quick and delicious option. Avocado, asparagus, parsnip, zucchini fries… the possibilities are endless!

For more tips on how to vegetize not only your poutines, but all your meals, read our article, “Vegetize your weekly menu!”.

Frites légumes

Make a light poutine: polenta, caramelized onion and roasted pepper

This recipe requires a bit more time and effort in the kitchen because you replace the fries with polenta fries, an Italian flour that makes the fries less fatty than usual. You’ll also have to take your time caramelizing the onions and roasting the peppers to add to your delectable poutine.

Longer to cook, this caramelized onion and roasted pepper poutine (french only) is well worth it!

Dare to reimagine poutine: carrot, honey and soya sauce

A poutine with tender carrots, soya sauce, honey and orange juice? Well, why not? This light and fast-to-prepare poutine will make you think of the flavours of Asia while you experience new taste combos. Add the well-loved cheese that makes squishy sounds and you’ve got yourself a pleasure poutine for sure!

Let yourself go with this eccentric carrot poutine.

Source: Alexandre Champagne

Try this Mexican-inspired hot pepper poutine

For inspiration, it’s easy to add flavours from other cultures to recipes. Here, you take Mexican flavours like tomatoes, hot peppers and beef and add them to your poutine. We also suggest adding corn, an iconic Mexican ingredient. If you like spicy, don’t hesitate to add hot peppers or spicy sauces to this recipe!

Add some spice to your Canada Day with this Mexican-inspired poutine. (French only)

Transform your poutine into a bruschetta

This next recipe gets its inspiration from Italian bruschetta. A refreshing and unique dish made of tomatoes, shallots and fried cheese changes the traditional cheese curds and brown gravy into something equally delish.

Let Italian cuisine inspire you for this bruschetta poutine!

Source: chefcookit.com

Enjoy this vegan poutine inspired by Montreal

This next recipe was created by a Quebecoise living in France who was homesick for a poutine. You know it’ll be good because it was made with love! And she’s shared her vegan sauce that was inspired by a Montreal restaurant. With mushrooms and vegan cheese, it’s a real treat!

Try this mushroom vegan poutine (french only) and share your vegan recipes in the comments section.

Benefit from a vegetarian “veggie” poutine

Made with fried root veggies and an aromatic gravy also made of veggies, this poutine takes the best of the veggies, herbs and spices. A little longer to prepare, it’ll definitely satisfy you with full veggie taste. And these veggie fries are a lot healthier.

Discover all veggie flavours in this root veggie vegetarian poutine. (French only)

Poutine Végétarienne

Discover the healthy La Banquise/Weight Watchers poutine

Did you know that the restaurant La Banquise and Weight Watcher created a healthy poutine together? This unexpected duo has recreated a healthy version of one of our favourite dishes!

We’ve unveiled the recipe. Discover the ingredients here. (French only)

Innovate with original poutines with artificial intelligence

IT giant IBM has perfected a high performance cognitive computer and given it a task – to make poutines! In collaboration with professional chefs, five poutines representing Montreal’s cultural diversity have been created.

These unique recipes combine flavours and ingredients that chefs say they never would have thought of before. Are you ready to completely reinvent poutine? If the answer’s yes, then try this Haitian-Greek vegetarian poutine, as well as four other recipes you can find on the IBM website.

Use a combo of frozen veggies in your poutine

You don’t have much time, but don’t want to serve a regular poutine with gravy. Don’t panic, we’ve got just the solution: Arctic Gardens frozen vegetables!

Quick to prepare with a nice, fresh taste, vegetables add the necessary green to your poutine without wasting any time! Saute them in a pan or wok and pour the gravy right on top of the poutine just before serving. Don’t limit yourself to sweet peas either. Try our mixed vegetables or vegetables for Asian-style stir-fry to add a little novelty and deliciousness to your poutine!

Restaurants with vegetable poutines

Don’t have time to cook or just want to go out and celebrate? That’s not a good enough reason to skip your veggies! Here are a few restaurants that make sure you eat your veggies – in your poutine!

A popular franchise scattered across la belle province of Quebec, Poutineville gives you the chance to create your own poutine. There are 14 veggies on the menu, so lots of possibilities. It’s up to you to customize your poutine with veggies.

La Banquise
Established in Montreal more than 50 years ago, La Banquise offers around 30 kinds of poutine, 24/7. Try The Reggae with hot peppers, tomato and guacamole or The Matty with mushrooms, peppers and onion.

Le Chic Shack
Established in Quebec City, the Chic Shack restaurant offers a few poutines with varied, local flavours. Try The Forestière with wild mushroom and French shallot stew or The Masala with cherry tomatoes, plum chutney and hot peppers.

Snack et poutine (French only)
A local Sherbrooke restaurant, this poutine bar gives you more than 50 kinds of poutine until the wee hours of the morning. Try the super veggie with red peppers, onion, mushrooms, hot peppers, olives and tomato.

Frites Alors! (French only)
A franchise established across Quebec and in Europe, Frites Alors! gives you a good variety of poutines made with the iconic Belgian fries and a touch of Quebecois. Try their taco poutine with grilled onions, avocado, tomatoes and sour crème.

You now have ideas and recipes to get cooking for Canada Day! All that’s left is to share poutines or Quebec dishes that you love on Canada Day!

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