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Mixed Vegetables

Cooking Method

Alternative Method:


Steam | Cuisinière

1/4 bag: 3-4 min. | 1/2 bag: 5-6 min.

  1. In a large pot, bring 250 mL of water into a boil. 
  2. Pour vegetables in a steamer and place it in the covered pot. 
  3. Cook to medium heat according to time chart or until vegetables have reached the desired texture. Serve immediately when cooked to stop cooking.


Pour vegetables in a microwaveable dish with ¼ cup of water and cook on high power.

¼ bag 2-3 min.

½ bag 3-4 min.

Do not refreeze thawed product. If thawed, cook immediately.

Product Information


Carrots, super sweet corn, peas, wax beans


750 g


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