10 Instagram accounts for veggie recipe ideas

10 instagram accounts

Ah, inspiration… this dear friend abandons us sometimes during the week when it’s time to cook. When you’re short of ideas, all you need is to know the right sources to find your inspiration and overcome the empty plate syndrome.

Instagram is in itself a parallel world where thousands of inspired people live and they always have new tips and recipe suggestions. It’s by discovering this universe that we recently created our own Instagram account (@arcticgardens_). We share our best recipes with you!

For the occasion, we decided to give you a top 10 of the best Instagram accounts to find inspiration for vegetarian or vegan recipes, so you’ll never get tired of not having meat for a meal… or a lifetime!

1. Fullofplants

full of plants

Don’t be fooled by the how young this account holder looks – he’s a real expert in plant food. His colourful recipes look decadent, but they’re also surprising. He experiments with different ingredients to recall meat in his dishes without having to use ultra-processed foods. He’s a genius!

2. Therawboy

the raw boy

This charming young man is a great cooking inspiration. Every week, he proposes vegan recipes that are really unusual and have a particular gift for making you drool (here, we’re thinking of his many creamy and simply incredible pasta recipes).

3. Bestofvegan

best of vegan

As its name clearly indicates, this account brings together the best vegan recipes of the Instagram universe. From decadent desserts to refreshing starters, salads and rich pasta, this account offers a wide variety of recipes to try.

4. Minimalistbaker

minimalist baker

@minimalistbaker‘s recipes are not only popular and very beautiful, they also look really delish. A breath of fresh air on our Instagram welcome! The dishes can be cooked quickly with few ingredients, and are adapted to several special diets.

5. Veganbowls


As its name suggests, this account shares the best of Instagram when it comes to vegan bowls. There are new postings every day – a good reason to subscribe.

6. Ohsheglows

oh she glows

As you can see on her delicious posts, @ohsheglows offers satisfying salads, as well as gourmet desserts. Following her gives you ideas for a variety of tempting dishes!

7. Rainbownourishment 


As colourful as the rainbow, @rainbownourishment is full of vegan recipes that are more often sweetened than salty, because we all have a little sweet tooth. As well, colourful dishes always encourage kids to finish what’s on their plates.

8. Hotforfood


For those who enjoy a deliciously gourmet meal, but are vegan, @hotforfood is THE reference. You can find veggie burgers, as well as French toast. Take a look to get you in the mood to start cooking right away.

9. Thefirstmess


Between her smoothies with extravagant flavours (we’re thinking of the one that has sweet potatoe, dates, peanut butter and cinnamon) and her salivating main dishes, @thefirstmess always adds a touch of gourmet inspiration to her newsfeed.

10. Wellandfull


This resourceful young woman offers a wide range of vegan dishes. Her creativity will help bring yours out when it comes to creating satisfying AND healthy recipes.

After being exposed to Instagram’s cream of the crop of gourmet vegetarian and vegan inspiration, you’ll definitely feel like cooking today. This article only scratches the surface of what you can find on this social network if you continue your research. Follow @arcticgardens_ to see our vegetized recipes and don’t miss a thing. Have fun cooking!

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