Important message from Bonduelle


What does “tested for pesticide residues” mean?

Pesticide residue is what’s left of the natural or artificial substances commonly used to protect crops.

The “tested for pesticide residues” label means that none of the active ingredients of the chemical pesticides* we’ve tested for were found in a concentration higher than the allowable limit.

We test for more than 300 pesticides using state-of-the-art instruments to offer consumers healthy, tasty food.

Bonduelle works with accredited independent laboratories to make sure there are no quantifiable residues. Why? To offer you our best vegetables!

* Independent laboratories test each lot for residues of more than 300 pesticides, in accordance with our pesticide residue measurement program and allowable limits.

4 vegetables tested for pesticide residues

What’s the difference between organic products and those “tested for pesticide residues”?

The goal is the same, but the approaches are different.


A process for growing vegetables using only substances and techniques allowed by the applicable standards.


There is no requirement to test for pesticides at the end of the production cycle.


Products are theoretically residue-free but there is no guarantee.


A process that promotes the use of farming practices such as mechanical weeding, anti-insect nets, resistant varieties, lower-density sowing, etc.


There is a requirement to ensure that products are pesticide-free at the end of the production process.


The pesticides tested for are not detected in concentrations above the allowable limit.

A tangible commitment to the planet, food and people.

Arctic Gardens is a brand from Bonduelle, a family business founded more than 150 years ago. Bonduelle’s history and business mean that it’s naturally close to the Earth and people, and takes a long-term view grounded in social and environmental responsibility. Vegetables tested for pesticide residues are a logical extension of Bonduelle’s sustainability-based approach.

A triple commitment!

We support responsible agriculture everywhere in the world. We are always looking for new ways to grow, prepare and sell our products.

We work every day to make plant-based food affordable for everyone and to promote tasty, healthier food.

We are making our economic and social impact positive for our employees and our communities.